PostgreSQL HA with Pgpool-II and whats been happening in Pgpool-II lately....

Muhammad Usama

HighGo Software Inc Canada

Senior Database Architect

Pgpool-II has been around to complement PostgreSQL over a decade and provides many features like connection pooling, failover, query caching, load balancing, and HA. High Availability (HA) is very critical to most enterprise application, the clients need the ability to automatically reconnect with a secondary node when the master nodes go down.

This is where Pgpool-II watchdog feature comes in, the core feature of Pgpool-II provides HA by eliminating the SPOF is the Watchdog. This watchdog feature has been around for a while but it went through major overhauling and enhancements in recent releases. This talk aims to explain the watchdog feature, the recent enhancements went into the watchdog and describe how it can be used to provide PostgreSQL HA and automatic failover.

Finally, we will summarise the major features that have been added in the recent major release of Pgpool-II and what's in the pipeline for the next major release.