Call for papers

We are ready to accept your proposals for talks and training sessions for PGConf.VRN!

The topics of special interest:

  • PostgreSQL operating experience in business software applications;
  • Practical cases of migration to PostgreSQL;
  • High-loaded systems operation with PostgreSQL;
  • Benchmark results of PostgreSQL;
  • Configuration of infrastructure for PostgreSQL, including operational systems and hardware resources;
  • PostgreSQL ecosystem development: software applications and system software related to PostgreSQL;
  • PostgreSQL and big data;
  • PostgreSQL and blockchain.

Other topics are eligible as well, we are open to your proposals!

Confirmed speakers participation is free. Travel and accommodation support is provided upon request.


For general issues:

+7(495) 150 06 91

For media partnership and accreditation issues:

+7(495) 150 06 91