Upcoming Russian PostgreSQL community events

12 февраля 19:00

Metting in LANIT

Main talk (by LANIT company): "One DB engineer and 100 developers, or how we had deployed liquibase" - on continuos integration/development for RDBMS.
6-8 июля

PG Day'16 Russia- Summer Russian PostgreSQL conference

As well as PgConf in Moscow, an essential role in rallying the Russian community of PostgreSQL professionals, one of the largest and most unified in the world, for the past three years is played by the official PG Day conference that takes place at the height of white nights in St-Petersburg.
PG Day in St-Petersburg isn’t only a strong technical program for more than 400 participants. At our venue we have unified the leading experts from Russia and across the globe. PG Day provides highly technical talks and tutorials, affordable prices and above all a unique space for interaction of professionals in love with PostgreSQL!