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PgConf.Russia 2017

March 1517, Digital October, Moscow, Russia

The PgConf.Russia 2017 conference is over! We will soon be posting presentations, video and other materials.

See you next year!


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Autonomous transactions in Postgres

Michael Shurutov
Postgres Professional
  1. What is an autonomous transaction?
  2. An overview of autonomous transactions in "big" DBMS: Oracle.
  3. Autonomous transaction logic in Postgres Pro.
  4. An overview of emulation methods for autonomous transactions in PostgreSQL.
  5. Comparing performance of the built-in Postgres Pro autonomous transaction mechanism and PostgreSQL emulation methods.

Distributed workflow specifics in PostrgeSQL

Philip Delgyado

When working with a complex business logic, you often have to implement a workflow - a sequence of several processing steps, with each step implementing a separate part of the business logic. This is usually done with specialized queues, but if there are high reliability demands, it makes sense to do everything on PostgreSQL.

I will describe the tasks that require a workflow implementation, offer a solution, compare it with other options, and tell you about the implementation traps and pitfalls.

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Digital October.

Moscow, Bersenevskaya naberezhnaya, 6, str. 3 (metro station Kropotkinskaya, Polyanka, Tretyakovskaya).

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April Thesis meetup took place
in Saint Petersburg on 26 April

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