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PgConf.Russia 2017

1517 March, Digital October, Moscow, Russia

PgConf.Russia 2017 is the 3rd annual Russian international PostgreSQL conference, taking together more than 500 professionals from Russia and other countries – core and application developers, DBAs, IT managers, journalists, open source software enthusiasts.

The conference will take place in Digital October conference center in Moscow, at Beresnevskaya Embankment 6.

The first day is devoted to tutorial sessions, and the other two contain more than 40 talks, two panel discussions and a lightning talk session.

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Buit-in Sharding update and future

Masahiko Sawada
NTT OSS Center

Database sharding enables a distribution of the database over a large number of machines, greatly improving performance. With the advent of Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW), it's possible to consider a database sharding in PostgreSQL with acceptable level of code changes using FDW. We've been working on enhancing around FDW infrastructure such as foreign table inheritance and pushing down so that PostgreSQL can execute the distributed query efficiently using FDW. In this talk, I'll cover what FDW-based sharding is and what use-cases it can cover. And then I'll demonstrate how to build sharding and describe our achievement of a FDW-based sharding in PostgreSQL community. Finally, I'll describe further enhancements to FDW such as Async Execution and Distributed Transaction Support.

Processing 1 BILLION rows per second with PostgreSQL

Hans-Jürgen Schönig
Cybertec Schönig & Schönig GmbH

Debugging 1С code in PostgreSQL DBMS

Dmitry Yuhtimovsky

April Thesis meetup took place
in Saint Petersburg on 26 April

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PgConf.Russia 2016

PgConf.Russia 2016, the international Russian PostgreSQL conference, took place in Moscow on February 3-5 2016. The conference hosted a panel discussion with government and big companies representatives, including A. Nikiforov, Minister of Telecommunications and G. Klimenko, recently appointed Advisor to the President of Russian Federation. 50 regular and 11 lightning talks and 7 tutorials where given at the conference by Russian and foreign speakers. The total number of participants was 602.

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PgConf.Russia 2015

PgConf.Russia 2015 was held in Moscow on February 5-6 2015 PgConf.Russia 2015. The conference attracted 460 participants from Russia and abroad. 30% of the talks were given in English with simultaneous translation to Russian.

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