February 0507 |  Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

PGConf.Russia 2018


Postgres Professional is a Russian vendor of PostgreSQL DBMS. It was founded in 2015 by leading Russian developers of PostgreSQL. Three of co-founders are PostgreSQL major contributors. More than 90 patches from Postgres Professional employees have been approved for the latest PostgreSQL 10.0 release.

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Credereum – blockchain-enabled Postgres

Bringing the provability and immutability of blockchain to performance and efficiency of traditional DBMS.

Blockchain technology has several unique properties including provability and immutability. Every blockchain transaction is signed by its author, and it could be verified by any blockchain network member. Also, once data is stored in blockchain, it can't be altered in the future. Many databases operating traditional DBMS would also benefit from provability and immutability properties. However, inclusion of all the transaction data in the public blockchain is very expensive.

Credereum is the platform, which allows creation and maintaining of databases, whose contents and history are provable and immutable without sacrifice the performance and efficiency of traditional DBMS. Thanks to Credereum, database owner can prove the validity of query results, while users can verify them. Database owner don't have to reveal the whole database contents or full history of transactions to provide the proof of database query results. Therefore, Credereum database may contain private sensitive information. Credereum utilized bleeding-edge technologies including, but not limited to decentralized cloud, public blockchain with sharding. Credereum is an emerging technology of trusted and private databases.

We will explain why PostgreSQL is suitable database for Credereum and what we need to develop in Postgres to support signed transactions and cryptographic storage.


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