March 15 – 17 , 2017

PgConf.Russia 2017

Digital October, Moscow, Russia


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PgConf.Russia 2017
  • Oleg Bartunov
    Oleg Bartunov Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    PostgreSQL JSON Roadmap

    The new ISO/IEC 9075-2:2016 standard specifies JSON data and operations syntax and semantics specifics for SQL. This talk overviews the requirements of this standard, and focuses on the differences between them and the actual implementation of JSON/JSONB in PostgreSQL. Special attention will be paid to JSON Path (XPath analogue), SQL/JSON functions and our plans to make Postgres compliant with this standard.


  • Dmitry  Lebedev
    Dmitry Lebedev BestPlace
    90 мин

    Researching GIS data with PostGIS and adjacent toolset

    Nowadays one can make a decent urban research based simply on public datasets, making interesting and unexpected insights. In the presentation, I'll show examples of these calculations in PostGIS, the industry standard de-facto.

    But just PostGIS is not enough. You need tools to import, verify and visualize the data. It's critically important to visualize the data live, to debug your calculations and shorten iterations. I'll describe all these steps:

    1. Collecting the data: public API, OpenStreetMap; direct user input.
    2. 3rd party APIs for calculations.
    3. Visualization of GIS and other sorts of data: QGIS, Matplotlib, Zeppelin integrated with PostGIS.
    4. Debugging the calculations: live visualization (Arc, QGIS, NextGIS Web)
    5. Scripting and minimizing the chores: Makefile, Gulp

  • Jean-Paul Argudo
    Jean-Paul Argudo Dalibo
    22 мин

    temBoard a new tool for PostgreSQL

    Dalibo team produces open source tools for PostgreSQL among other things for many years now (see http://dalibo.github.io/).

    This time I'll present temBoard, a new tool to remotely control PostgreSQL databases. The project is visible at https://github.com/dalibo/temboard

    It's about monitoring, supervision, remote settings and actions... and many more features to come. The main goal is to provide a comprehensive console for PostgreSQL. It's needed by production DBAs, to daily achieve their tasks. We heard Dalibo's customers, as many of them wrote the specs :-)

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