June 20 – 21 , 2022

PGConf.Russia 2022

Radisson Slavyanskaya Business Center, Square of Europe 2, Moscow

PGConf.Russia 2022

PGConf.Russia is a leading Russian PostgreSQL international conference, annually taking together more than 700 PostgreSQL professionals from Russia and other countries — core and software developers, DBAs and IT-managers. The 2-day program includes training workshops presented by leading PostgreSQL experts, more than 40 talks, panel discussions and a lightning talk session.


  • PostgreSQL technology frontiers for highest workloads, huge databases, mission-critical applications
  • PostgreSQL scalability for transactional and analytical workloads
  • New features in PostgreSQL and around: PostgreSQL and its ecosystem development
  • PostgreSQL for business software applications: system architecture, migration issues and operating experience
  • PostgreSQL specific features and their applications: JSON(b), (geo)Spatial data, Full text search
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PGConf.Russia 2022
  • Oleg Bartunov
    Oleg Bartunov Postgres Professional
    Nikita Glukhov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    SQL/JSON committed, what's next?

    In this presentation, we'll talk about the newest SQL/JSON features committed to PostgreSQL 15. We'll explain how to use them, where they can help and why they make a difference. Is PostgreSQL JSON implementation fully compliant with SQL:2016? In the meantime, the next generation of the SQL standard is being developed. What will the new standard include, and how will Postgres respond to it?

  • Alexey Borschev
    Alexey Borschev Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    NULLs in Postgres

    This presentation is about NULLs implementation in the Postgres database: - What is NULL? - How is it handled by various Postgres functions? - How are NULLs stored in the database? - Indexing of NULLs

  • Vadim Yatsenko
    Vadim Yatsenko Tantor Lab
    45 мин

    Harmful advice on autovacuum you shouldn't ever follow

    PostgreSQL has a number of peculiarities that you need to take into account not only while maintaining your database but also when designing your database schema. Experienced PostgreSQL are well aware of vacuuming process. On the web one can find tons of materials covering its internals, configurations and monitoring. Many valuable talks about vacuum were given at numerous conferences. However, we still face the common wraparound problem when the maximum possible number of transactions (xid) is reached. It happens even on databases that are relatively small in size. In my presentation, I will share a customer case that looks interesting to me. A chain of mistakes made at different stages of the database's life cycle once caused a disaster. The database fully stopped for one week, we detected a wraparound and spotted corrupted blocks. Maintenance was problematical, and we spent sleepless nights in search of a solution. We managed to achieve a local win as we finally restored the database, but it's not the end of this story, which makes it even more interesting.

  • Egor Rogov
    Egor Rogov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    The Dark Side of “PostgreSQL Internals”

    A book. Typically a reader sees only the final product, printed on paper or opened on a computer screen. In this talk I invite you to take a look at the dark side of my recently published “PostgreSQL Internals” book. Come if you are curious why the author would want to write scripts, modify the PostgreSQL source code, and program pictures.

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PGConf.Russia 2022