September 25 , 2023

PGConf.SPB 2023

PGConf.SPB 2023


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PGConf.SPB 2023
  • A
    Anton Doroshkevich ИнфоСофт
    45 мин

    It's working! What else do you need?

    I have been working with 1C on PostgreSQL for 6 years, and the DBMS has changed significantly since I started. In this presentation, I'm going to cover the progress it has made. The users will, just as always, claim that this is not enough. So in addition to milestones and achievements, I'll tackle the possible feature requests from the maintenance viewpoint and explain some workarounds.

  • И
    Игорь Мельников Postgres Pro
    45 мин

    How to simplify the migration from Oracle to Postgres Pro

    Postgres Pro is investing heavily to make it easy for customers to migrate to their database from Oracle Database.

    This talk describes in detail the advanced Postgres Pro DBMS technologies designed to solve this problem:

    • support for package functionality in PL/pgSQL, including the package initialization section and global package variables;
    • ora2pgrpo utility for automatic conversion of package code from Oracle PL/SQL syntax to PL/pgSQL;
    • PG Pro Application Info extension designed for instrumentation and monitoring of the state of sessions, including the execution of long operations (session longops) - a functional analogue of the package DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO in Oracle DBMS;
    • new system packages UTL_MAIL and UTL_SMTP for sending emails from stored procedures to Postgres Pro DBMS (full functional analogue of the corresponding packages in Oracle DBMS);
    • new system package UTL_HTTP for interacting with external sources from stored procedures in Postgres Pro DBMS (analogous to the package of the same name in Oracle DBMS);

    Also in this talk there will be a short story about the directions of development of the Postgres Pro DBMS aimed at further simplifying migration from Oracle DBMS.

  • Mansur Galiev
    Mansur Galiev Maxim technology
    22 мин

    pgCodeKeeper - a tool to simplify work with PostgreSQL

    We'll talk about the tool we created, which monitors changes in the database and creates scripts for migrations of selected objects both interactively and automatically.

  • Boris Pischik
    Boris Pischik Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    Postgres Pro Enterprise Manager - Database Control Panel

    In this brief overview presentation we will discuss Postgres Pro Enterprise Manager (PPEM) capabilities, and how it helps DBAs to be more productive.

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PGConf.SPB 2023