February 03 – 05 , 2016


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  • Peter Gribanov
    Peter Gribanov
    22 мин

    1C:Enterprise: the most popular in Russia/CIS ERP level development platform that supports PostgreSQL

    More than 300.000 developers use technology platform "1C:Enterprise" as a main development tool. I'll tell you about architecture and features that made "1C:Enterprise" one of the most popular development environment in Russia and CIS and about growing popularity of PostgreSQL amongst 1C users.

  • Nikolai Shaplov
    Nikolai Shaplov Postgres Professional
    90 мин

  • Andreas Scherbaum
    Andreas Scherbaum Pivotal

    How we made Greenplum Open Source

    Greenplum is a PostgreSQL fork, optimized for Analytics and Data Warehouse use cases. Pivotal announced in early 2015 that a number of products will go Open Source, one of them is Greenplum Database. This talk provides an overview over the history of Greenplum, the entire process of bringing the product into Open Source, all the stumbling blocks we ran into, and explains how contributors can participate.

  • Will Leinweber
    Will Leinweber Heroku

    Heroku Postgres: architecture of a cloud database service

    In addition to providing a general purpose web platform, Heroku has a large, supporting Postgres service. Over the years, we've learned a lot about running Postgres at scale.
    In this talk, we'll cover:

    • why Postgres is attractive to run as a cloud service
    • how to provision, manage, and monitor a Postgres fleet
    • tradeoffs needed to make Postgres work in this environment
    • automating failure recovery
    • and more

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