February 04 – 06 , 2019

PgConf.Russia 2019

Faculty of Economics, Moscow

PgConf.Russia 2019

PGConf.Russia is a leading Russian PostgreSQL international conference, annually taking together more than 500 PostgreSQL professionals from Russia and other countries — core and software developers, DBAs and IT-managers. The 3-day program includes training workshops presented by leading PostgreSQL experts, more than 40 talks, panel discussions and a lightning talk session.


  • PostgreSQL at the cutting edge of technology: big data, internet of things, blockchain
  • New features in PostgreSQL and around: PostgreSQL ecosystem development
  • PostgreSQL in business software applications: system architecture, migration issues and operating experience
  • Integration of PostgreSQL to 1C, GIS and other software application systems.
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PgConf.Russia 2019
  • Jignesh Shah
    Jignesh Shah Amazon Web Services
    45 мин

    Tips and Tricks with Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

    Managed database services are gaining in popularity. In this session we look at how best to configure Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and also look at common user operations of using RDS for PostgreSQL. We will also look beyond common user operations and into some specific optimizations related to upgrade, logical replication, performance, and reducing downtime.

  • Алексей Лесовский
    Алексей Лесовский PostgreSQL Consulting LLC
    45 мин

    Troubleshooting in Postgres with pgCenter

    Sometimes problems arise during Postgres operation, and the faster they are identified and resolved, the happier users eventually will be. pgCenter is a set of CLI powerful utilities for troubleshooting in the "here and now" mode. In the talk I will show how to use pgCenter for efficient troubleshooting, the directions in which to search, and how to respond to certain problems, in particular how to:

    • check if Postgres is in the normal state;
    • identify promptly the faulty clients and stop them;
    • reveal too heavy queries;
    • and other tips and tricks of pgCenter.

  • Alexander Korotkov
    Alexander Korotkov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    What should we expect from PostgreSQL 12?

    PostgreSQL 12 Feature Freeze is scheduled for April 2019, which didn't come yet. But general shapes of upcoming release are already visible. In this talk I'll consider patches already committed to PostgreSQL 12 as well as patches, which would be committed very likely. I'll talk with special passion about SQL/JSON, Merge, pluggable table access methods and zheap.

  • Ivan Muratov
    Ivan Muratov ООО "Первая Мониторинговая Компания"
    22 мин

    PostgreSQL + PostGIS + TimescaleDB - storage for transport monitoring systems

    PostgreSQL + PostGIS + TimescaleDB is a ready-to-use symbiosis from a reliable RDBMS, a powerful set of geographical objects and calculations, and work with time-series data. This bundle perfectly solves the problem of storing telemetry, while leaving the whole PostgreSQL ecosystem in your hands.

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PgConf.Russia 2019