Andrei Salnikov
Andrei Salnikov Data Egret
14:30 04 February
90 мин

Major upgrade for PostgreSQL

In this master class, I will take you step-by step through a major upgrade of PostgreSQL. Through our practice we see a lot of different PostgreSQL servers in production environment and often, almost too often teams who once made PostgreSQL their database of choice never update it following the initial installation. The are many different reasons for it, the result, however, is the same - they all miss out on the new useful features of the newer releases and reduced database performance.
The goal of my masterclass is to equip attendees with necessary tools for performing PostgreSQL upgrade. I will take you through each step of the major upgrade and will dive into each executed command. I will also explain the particular order in which I perform an upgrade and explain the consequences of not following this order or missing a particular step. We will perform an upgrade of PostgreSQL 9.0 to 11. My hope is that following this masterclass number of outdated PostgreSQL database will reduce since participants will then go back to their databases and make sure that they are running the most recent version.


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