Igor Vedyohin
Igor Vedyohin IBS
10:00 16 March
22 мин

Skala-SR / Postgres Pro — preconfigured high-performance database engines




Другие доклады

  • Dmitry Ivanov
    Dmitry Ivanov Postgres Professional
    Ildar Musin
    Ildar Musin Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    Partitioning with pg_pathman

    Partitioning is a long-awaited feature in PostgreSQL. Although Postgres supports partitioning via inheritance, this approach has some disadvantages, such as the need to manually create partitions and support triggers, significant planning overhead, and no query execution optimizations. In this talk, we’ll tell you about the pg_pathman extension we are developing. pg_pathman supports HASH and RANGE partitioning, performs planning and execution optimizations, supports fast insert by using Custom Node instead of triggers, provides functions for partition management (add, split, merge, etc.), supports FDW, non-blocking data migration, and more. We'll also speak about pg_pathman integration with Postgres Pro Enterprise Edition and Oracle-like syntax support for partitioning. Finally, we'll discuss new partitioning capabilities in PostgreSQL 10, the already implemented features and further development plans.


  • Roland Sonnenschein
    Roland Sonnenschein Hesotech GmbH
    45 мин

    Optimized use of PostgreSQL in real world production

    Often it is enforced by the customer or even by law, to document the circumstances of the production of parts or lots. This talk is about the automated generation and storage of the corresponding administrative data and their correlation to measurements. Administrative data are entities like suppliers batch, article, serial number or production date. They are often to be exchanged with ERP systems.

  • Ivan Panchenko
    Ivan Panchenko Postgres Professional
    90 мин

    JSON, JSONB, JSQuery

    This tutorial is about various applied JSON usage patterns and the related PostgreSQL functionality. We will discuss data storage in the JSON format, retrieving, changing, and searching such data, JSON features for simple SQL queries, as well as using JSON in stored procedures in different languages. You’ll get hands-on experience with some of the discussed problems on the provided virtual machines.

  • Philip Delgyado
    Philip Delgyado ООО «Лектон»
    22 мин

    Distributed workflow specifics in PostrgeSQL

    When working with a complex business logic, you often have to implement a workflow - a sequence of several processing steps, with each step implementing a separate part of the business logic. This is usually done with specialized queues, but if there are high reliability demands, it makes sense to do everything on PostgreSQL.

    I will describe the tasks that require a workflow implementation, offer a solution, compare it with other options, and tell you about the implementation traps and pitfalls.