Andrei Nikolayenko
Andrei Nikolayenko Скала-Р
Борис Нейман
Борис Нейман Mellanox
Alexander Korotkov
Alexander Korotkov Postgres Professional
15:30 16 March
22 мин

Interconnect on steroids for the Skala-SR / Postgres Pro database engine


Другие доклады

  • Dmitry Susha
    Dmitry Susha ООО Испаер Системс
    22 мин

    Automation of migration to PostgreSQL from various databases

    The report is focused on the topic of automation of migration to PostgreSQL from other databases using Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit. The issues of data and SQL code migration, conversion of client applications, embedded SQL and database API will be covered, the examples of implemented projects of migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL and from Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL will be given.


  • Mikhail Tyurin
    Mikhail Tyurin ИТ предприниматель
    22 мин

    Deadlock explanations

    < Query failed: ERROR: deadlock detected
    < DETAIL: Process 17371 waits for ShareLock on transaction 102733872; Blocked by process.
    < Process 10414 waits for ShareLock on transaction 102733874; Blocked by process 17371.

    Such "unpleasant" messages from the server can seriously puzzle the developer. When working with locks, in particular, with transactions in general, it is necessary to take into account the features of the implementation of client libraries, which can cause the above exception.

    In the short talk, the mechanics of the interaction of locks will be explained, main attention being paid to causes of deadlocks. References to the relevant documentation pages will be given. A technique of "bypassing" this problem of concurrent data access will be described and illustrated with some generalized examples from practice are shown. The talk will be interesting to database developers and administrators as well as the client-side application developers.

  • Masahiko Sawada
    Masahiko Sawada NTT OSS Center
    45 мин

    Buit-in Sharding update and future

    Database sharding enables a distribution of the database over a large number of machines, greatly improving performance. With the advent of Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW), it's possible to consider a database sharding in PostgreSQL with acceptable level of code changes using FDW. We've been working on enhancing around FDW infrastructure such as foreign table inheritance and pushing down so that PostgreSQL can execute the distributed query efficiently using FDW. In this talk, I'll cover what FDW-based sharding is and what use-cases it can cover. And then I'll demonstrate how to build sharding and describe our achievement of a FDW-based sharding in PostgreSQL community. Finally, I'll describe further enhancements to FDW such as Async Execution and Distributed Transaction Support.

  • Aleksei Plotnikov
    Aleksei Plotnikov Skype
    45 мин

    Database platform architecture and administrating PostgreSQL in Skype

    Most of the main Skype services use a database platform based on PostgreSQL and other open-source technologies, such as Skytools, plProxy, pgBouncer, etc. This platform consists of several hundreds of servers with thousands of databases, which process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. At the same time, the platform architecture allows its users (applications and their developers) to work with "logical" databases, without any worries about their real “physical” structure.

    Our Skype Database Platform team is responsible for the database platform infrastructure. We develop automation systems for various processes that help us ensure service reliability and facilitate development, testing, and deployment of code. In this presentation, I will outline the database platform architecture, review its main components, and tell you about the methods we use in our every-day work to ensure high availability, scalability, replication, fault tolerance, and more.