PgConf.Russia 2016 talks

Vladimir Serduk

Education: Moscow State University (Department of Physics), 1994 Edition. Founder and CEO of the group of companies Softpoint since 2005. Since then, all efforts directed at creating innovative solutions to the problems of performance and scalability of information systems. Such solutions are already more than 10 and most of the patented.

You have a distributed IT system, it has many nodes, BUT it has: - Lack of efficiency of exchange. Delay timing - hours or days? - Interference to users block during the exchange? - Poor handling - all nodes exchange status is not clear; - Low exchange stability, the need for manual control?

DBReplicaton - the technology of high-speed data exchange between PostgreSQL databases. This report presents a solution that runs in the tens of medium and large companies in Russia (> 2500 active users,> 20 nodes exchange), which has: - Own transport subsystem; - Centralized unified interface and control the exchange; - Bilateral exchanges: the ability to work with data on changes in all nodes involved in the exchange; - High data rate (2 seconds). Additionally, you will learn about the unusual use of replication in a variety of business systems.