PgConf.Russia 2017 talks

temBoard a new tool for PostgreSQL

Jean-Paul Argudo
Dalibo, Co-founder, CEO

Jean-Paul is a PostgreSQL pioneer. Since 2001, he has co-founded the website, the french-speaking PostgreSQL association and the PostgreSQL Europe association. Since september 2005 : Dalibo -- Paris and Avignon, Open-Source Services and Support Company Dalibo co-founder. He uses all his might and knowledge into his own company, do mainly PostgreSQL consulting and expertise, conception and trainings.

Dalibo team produces open source tools for PostgreSQL among other things for many years now (see

This time I'll present temBoard, a new tool to remotely control PostgreSQL databases. The project is visible at

It's about monitoring, supervision, remote settings and actions... and many more features to come. The main goal is to provide a comprehensive console for PostgreSQL. It's needed by production DBAs, to daily achieve their tasks. We heard Dalibo's customers, as many of them wrote the specs :-) This project is simple, modular, and of course completely Open Source.

A demo will be shown to demonstrate the capabilities of the tool.