PgConf.Russia 2017 talks

Using PostgreSQL in automating contextual advertising by Alytics for near real-time processing of mixed OLTP/OLAP load

Max Vikharev
Alytics, CTO

Max had the luck to be a part of the team in two technological startups. In 2007 - 2012 years, dealing with project, he has passed the way from the junior C/С++ developer to the security specialist and release engineer. is the first Russian manufacturer of POS terminals, certified by PCI PED. Since 2012 year to the present time Max has been engaged in project, starting from the founder developer to the technical director. is a service of contextual advertising automation. Among others, Max has been directly involved in the service maintenance and infrastructure management for a long time.

In the data persistence layer, using PostgreSQL from the very start of development, we went all the way from a small cluster on a virtual machine to a multi-host system that provides near real-time processing of mixed OLTP/OLAP load. In this talk, I’m going to tell you about the main development stages of our analytical solution at the application and infrastructure levels, and describe the specifics of using PG that we encountered.