PgConf.Russia 2017 talks

Researching GIS data with PostGIS and adjacent toolset

Dmitry Lebedev
BestPlace, Developer & GIS researcher

Master degree as Economist-mathematician (Ec. dept Novosibirsk State University), formerly full stack web developer, data analyst in retail, urban activist, GIS data researcher.

Nowadays one can make a decent urban research based simply on public datasets, making interesting and unexpected insights. In the presentation, I'll show examples of these calculations in PostGIS, the industry standard de-facto.

But just PostGIS is not enough. You need tools to import, verify and visualize the data. It's critically important to visualize the data live, to debug your calculations and shorten iterations. I'll describe all these steps:

  1. Collecting the data: public API, OpenStreetMap; direct user input.
  2. 3rd party APIs for calculations.
  3. Visualization of GIS and other sorts of data: QGIS, Matplotlib, Zeppelin integrated with PostGIS.
  4. Debugging the calculations: live visualization (Arc, QGIS, NextGIS Web)
  5. Scripting and minimizing the chores: Makefile, Gulp