Technical features of porting T-SQL code to plpgsql and data from MS SQL to PG on the example of transition ECM "Priority" to Postgres

Yury Zhukovets

Digital Design / Docsvision

Expert group leader

Duration 22 min

This report focuses on the continuation of transferring our ECM “Priority” from MS SQL to Postgres. Technical solutions, issues of rewriting from T-SQL to plpgsql, optimization of the effective code and moving data will be covered. Additionally, there will be considered aspects of pgplsql performance testing to find the “bad code” of pgplsql as a candidate for optimization. The main objective of the presentation is to answer the question: "We have it in T-SQL - how to transfer it in PG?". The report is intended for junior Postgres developers and is a continuation of the previous report made at the conference in 2017(

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