Building the Enterprise infrastructure with PostgreSQL as the basis for storing personal data

Павел Конотопов


DBA team lead

Leonid Albrecht



Duration 45 min

In my talk, I will tell how we built a geographically distributed system of personal data storage based on Open Source software and PostgreSQL. The concept of the inCountry business is to provide customers with a ready-to-use infrastructure for personal data storage. Our business customers are ensured that their customer’s personal data is securely stored within their country’s borders. We wrote an API and SDK and built a variety of services. Our system complies with generally accepted security standards (SOC Type 1, Type 2, PCI DSS, etc.). We built our infrastructure with Consul, Nomad, and Vault, used PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch as a storage system, Nginx, Jenkins, Artifactory, other tools to automate management and deployment. We have assembled our development and management teams - DevOps, Security, Monitoring, and DBA. We use both cloud providers and bare-metal servers located in different regions of the world. Development of the system architecture and ensuring the stability of the infrastructure, consistent and secure operation of all its components is the main task facing our teams.

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