Pavel Stehule
Pavel Stehule
17:00 04 February

The stored procedures in PostgreSQL, PL/pgSQL

  • the architecture
  • the design and implementation of PL/pgSQL
  • the difference between PL/SQL and PL/pgSQL
  • the advantage and issues of PL/pgSQL



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  • Guangzhou  Zhang
    Guangzhou Zhang AliBaba

    Alibaba and PostgreSQL

    Alibaba has provided a relational database service (RDS) for postgres in our public cloud platform (aliyun.com, the currently biggest public cloud in China). We are also enabling internal applications to use postgres in our other internet business and we can share our experience

  • Nikolai Shaplov
    Nikolai Shaplov Postgres Professional
    90 мин

  • Andreas Scherbaum
    Andreas Scherbaum Pivotal

    How we made Greenplum Open Source

    Greenplum is a PostgreSQL fork, optimized for Analytics and Data Warehouse use cases. Pivotal announced in early 2015 that a number of products will go Open Source, one of them is Greenplum Database. This talk provides an overview over the history of Greenplum, the entire process of bringing the product into Open Source, all the stumbling blocks we ran into, and explains how contributors can participate.

  • Dmitry Dolgov
    Dmitry Dolgov Zalando SE
    45 мин

    Jsonb in PostgreSQL and NoSQL trend: comparison and performance

    Schema-less is definitely a trend in the data storage nowadays, and it's not only about NoSQL, but also about traditional RDBMS. Many relational databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, Oracle, db2, Mysql) allow to storing data in the schema-less json format and use their own more or less unique way to do that.

    This talk contains two parts:

    • Comparison of the json support in PostgreSQL and different relational databases, namely Mysql, Oracle, db2, MSSql in terms of supported features, functions and so on.
    • Performance benchmarks for databases with the advanced json support, namely PostgreSQL and Mysql, and the MongoDB on different workload types and configurations.