Kamil Islamov
Kamil Islamov Stickeroid Ai
13:15 05 February
22 мин

Analytic reports data processing optimization

Method of automated refresh of preprocessed results of analytis reports is provided. Preprocessing and caching of reports allows ability for fast response for big data reports. Author describes the way of reports cache refreshing with minimum server loads and tuned actualization rate.



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  • Марат Фаттахов
    Марат Фаттахов АО "БАРС Груп"
    Dmitry Boikov
    Dmitry Boikov АО БАРС Груп
    22 мин

    Porting a cloud solution from Oracle to Postgres

    First working on Oracle, we could not ignore appearance and growth of PostgreSQL. I will describe how we came to PostgreSQL and share some experience of migrating a large medical system.

    • developing a code converter;
    • packages migration;
    • our patches solving some of the migration problems.

  • Fabio Telles Rodriguez
    Fabio Telles Rodriguez Timbira
    45 мин

    High Concurrency with Postgres: the Bank of Brazil in real life

    Challenges and solutions found in documents dematerialization and bank cheque processing system used in the Bank of Brazil.

  • Dmitry Vasiliev
    Dmitry Vasiliev Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    PostgreSQL Scalability

    The talk describes performance benchmarking results of PostgreSQL on modern Hi-End servers. The main attention was paid to the locks for shared data access and associated bottlenecks. The testing propose was to test the linear read scalability limits with an increase of cores number allocated for PostgreSQL. Testing was performed for different postgres versions (9.4, 9.5, 9.6) to check new features designed to increase performance on multiprocessing architectures.

  • Mikhail Tyurin
    Mikhail Tyurin Avito
    22 мин

    My Five Slides About Postgres

    My experience of working with PostgreSQL has provided clear understanding of its main advantages, making us choose and recommend choosing it.
    1. Beginning
    2. Documentation
    3. Community
    4.1 Transactional DDL
    4.2 WAL and True Physical Replication
    4.3 Transactional Snapshot and True Logical Replication and PGQ
    4.4 Exciting extensibility
    5. Success