Lev Laskin
Lev Laskin Электрон
: December
22 мин

Experience in using PostgreSQL as the database platform 1C: Enterprise 8.1 to 8.3

In late 2006, the 1C company has implemented to work 1C:Enterprise platform with DBMS PostgreSQL, which can operate under the operating systems Windows or Linux. The talks will attempt to summarize the experience of sharing the platform 1C:Enterprise with PostgreSQL database since 2008. Consideration will be given a few success stories, technical features of the work are examples of specific tasks, offers advice on selecting and cons. The talk may be of interest to employees of companies considering the option of using PostgreSQL for the 1C:Enterprise, DBA, professionals interested in the possibility of extensibility PostgreSQL.



Другие доклады

  • Dmitry Boikov
    Dmitry Boikov АО БАРС Груп
    Марат Фаттахов
    Марат Фаттахов АО "БАРС Груп"
    22 мин

    Porting a cloud solution from Oracle to Postgres

    First working on Oracle, we could not ignore appearance and growth of PostgreSQL. I will describe how we came to PostgreSQL and share some experience of migrating a large medical system.

    • developing a code converter;
    • packages migration;
    • our patches solving some of the migration problems.

  • Ivan Panchenko
    Ivan Panchenko Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    One year of Postgres Professional in Russia

    A year passed after birth of Postgres Pro, the Russian PostgreSQL company. The talk will describe the main achievements of the year are the future plans, including development, certification, russian documentation translate, education program.

  • Дмитрий Воронин
    Дмитрий Воронин ОАО "НПО РусБИТех"
    22 мин

    The base version of DBMS PostgreSQL can register events bellow: - connect and disconnect - denial of access with date, time and user's name.

    Requirements guidelines for audit subsystem is much wider possibilities basic version of database PostgreSQL.

    The RusBITech company holds the necessary improvements PostgreSQL database to enhance it's functionality.

    A result of improvements audit subsystem of PostgreSQL database as part of the operating system «Astra Linux Special Edition» further enables registration:

    • The creation and destruction of database objects;
    • Changes to the rules of access control;
    • Both failures and successful attempts to access the database objects;
    • Changes to the powers and status of subjects access objects access.

    For all events are specified: - date and time; - The user performing the action of the registrant; - The object on which the action is carried out; - Type of event; - The result of the operation.

    Audit subsystem of modified PostgreSQL is integrated into a centralized audit system OS «Astra Linux Special Edition». Provided the rules setting without stopping the logging (restarting) database.

  • Никита Волков
    Никита Волков Sannsyn AS
    45 мин

    Programming Postgres clients declaratively in Haskell with Hasql

    This talk will cover "hasql", a highly-efficient library for integration of Haskell and PostgreSQL. The library provides an API for declarative programming, which is also quite flexible and terse. The talk will cover the benefits of declarative programming as well as the architectural and technical solutions behind the library, including the implementation of the PostgreSQL binary protocol. Hasql is used in PostgREST, a popular modern restful API for Postgres.