Илья Космодемьянский
Илья Космодемьянский Data Egret
15:00 03 February
180 мин

Tuning OS and hardware of PostgreSQL



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  • Oleg Ivanov
    Oleg Ivanov Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    Machine learning for better query planning

    In the speech we consider the current PostgreSQL planner model, then the possibilities of applying machine learning methods for planner improvement and the obtained results.

  • Марат Фаттахов
    Марат Фаттахов АО "БАРС Груп"
    Dmitry Boikov
    Dmitry Boikov АО БАРС Груп
    22 мин

    Porting a cloud solution from Oracle to Postgres

    First working on Oracle, we could not ignore appearance and growth of PostgreSQL. I will describe how we came to PostgreSQL and share some experience of migrating a large medical system.

    • developing a code converter;
    • packages migration;
    • our patches solving some of the migration problems.

  • Magnus  Hagander
    Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL Global Development Group

    Evolution of the PostgreSQL community

    Unlike most other databases, PostgreSQL is developed by a community, and not by a company or even a foundation. Those who have been members of this community for a long time generally consider this a strength, but it can often be confusing to outsiders who are more used to dealing with traditional organization. For those who are not already on the inside, this talk will give an introduction to how the PostgreSQL community works and how the different parties interact, as well as how this has evolved over the years.

  • Galy  Lee
    Galy Lee

    Growing acceptance of PostgreSQL in China

    Recent Update about Postgres Adoption in China. Postgres is getting its momentum in China, especially in 2015, one of the biggest insurance company is adopting Postgres, and Alibaba is providing Postgres service in their public cloud, also there are a lot of significant progress about the adoption. This talk will give an overview about the Postgres adoption in 2015 in China.