Konstantin Evteev
Konstantin Evteev X5 FoodTech
18:00 04 February
45 мин

Data stream in Avito



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  • Vladimir Serduk
    Vladimir Serduk SOFTPOINT
    22 мин

    You have a distributed IT system, it has many nodes, BUT it has: - Lack of efficiency of exchange. Delay timing - hours or days? - Interference to users block during the exchange? - Poor handling - all nodes exchange status is not clear; - Low exchange stability, the need for manual control?

    DBReplicaton - the technology of high-speed data exchange between PostgreSQL databases. This report presents a solution that runs in the tens of medium and large companies in Russia (> 2500 active users,> 20 nodes exchange), which has: - Own transport subsystem; - Centralized unified interface and control the exchange; - Bilateral exchanges: the ability to work with data on changes in all nodes involved in the exchange; - High data rate (2 seconds). Additionally, you will learn about the unusual use of replication in a variety of business systems.

  • Hyungjoo Lee
    Hyungjoo Lee Bitnine
    22 мин

    PostgreSQL in Korea

    The Korean PostgreSQL User Group has been relatively small and inactive for many years. However, recently things are changing in Korea. Companies are seeking to alternatives for their expensive proprietary RDBMS in order to cut their TCO. And the government institutes also participate in this trend. We, Bitnine, are leading these changes in Korea. We launched the first version of our PostgreSQL solution, Agens SQL in 2015. We are translating the PostgreSQL documentation into Korean and operating the PostgreSQL User Group. And we are trying to contribute the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. Also, the first Korean PostgreSQL Conference will be hold in 2016. We will lead the organization of this conference. In this talk, we will present the current status of the Korean PostgreSQL User Group and the PostgreSQL DBMS market in Korea. And we also present our activities in Korea and introduce our successful migration cases of the proprietary RDBMS into PostgreSQL.

  • Dmitry Vasiliev
    Dmitry Vasiliev Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    PostgreSQL Scalability

    The talk describes performance benchmarking results of PostgreSQL on modern Hi-End servers. The main attention was paid to the locks for shared data access and associated bottlenecks. The testing propose was to test the linear read scalability limits with an increase of cores number allocated for PostgreSQL. Testing was performed for different postgres versions (9.4, 9.5, 9.6) to check new features designed to increase performance on multiprocessing architectures.

  • Dmitry Dolgov
    Dmitry Dolgov Zalando SE
    45 мин

    Jsonb in PostgreSQL and NoSQL trend: comparison and performance

    Schema-less is definitely a trend in the data storage nowadays, and it's not only about NoSQL, but also about traditional RDBMS. Many relational databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, Oracle, db2, Mysql) allow to storing data in the schema-less json format and use their own more or less unique way to do that.

    This talk contains two parts:

    • Comparison of the json support in PostgreSQL and different relational databases, namely Mysql, Oracle, db2, MSSql in terms of supported features, functions and so on.
    • Performance benchmarks for databases with the advanced json support, namely PostgreSQL and Mysql, and the MongoDB on different workload types and configurations.