Dmitry Grebenshchikov
Dmitry Grebenshchikov Диасофт Платформа
11:30 17 March
22 мин

Practical Oracle and MS SQL Server to PostgreSQL migration with Database Adapter technology



Другие доклады

  • Nicholas Sivko
    Nicholas Sivko okmeter.io
    45 мин

    PostgreSQL Diagnostics from the standpoint of a system administrator (not a DBA)

    It often happens that you already have PosgtreSQL in production, but you don’t have a DBA. To demystify the PostgreSQL database, I’ll tell you how to troubleshoot various problems while working with PosgtreSQL. We will try to understand how to answer "routine" questions of a typical system administrator: - Is everything OK with the database? - What consumes DB server resources? - What to optimize first to reduce resource consumption?


  • Philip Delgyado
    Philip Delgyado ООО «Лектон»
    22 мин

    Complex structures without ORM

    I love complex knowledge domains, strong typing in applications, and 3NF, but I hate ORM. That is why I’ve been actively storing serialized structures in JSON fields (even before the JSON type was introduced). In this talk, I will tell you about some specifics of storing complex structures within DBMS fields, what problems can arise, and how to cushion the blow.


  • Jean-Paul Argudo
    Jean-Paul Argudo Dalibo
    22 мин

    temBoard a new tool for PostgreSQL

    Dalibo team produces open source tools for PostgreSQL among other things for many years now (see http://dalibo.github.io/).

    This time I'll present temBoard, a new tool to remotely control PostgreSQL databases. The project is visible at https://github.com/dalibo/temboard

    It's about monitoring, supervision, remote settings and actions... and many more features to come. The main goal is to provide a comprehensive console for PostgreSQL. It's needed by production DBAs, to daily achieve their tasks. We heard Dalibo's customers, as many of them wrote the specs :-)