Dmitry Belyavskiy
Dmitry Belyavskiy ТЦИ
10:00 17 March
45 мин

Cryptography in RDBMS

Real-word data often need cryptographycal protection. The presentation describes typical problems that can be solved using cryptographycal methods and the right ways to use cryptography with RDBMS. The newest solutions suggested for usage with PostgreSQL are described.




Другие доклады

  • Egor Rogov
    Egor Rogov Postgres Professional
    90 мин

    ProBackup: fast, reliable, and incremental

    Modern state of backup tools for PostgreSQL certainly leaves some room for improvements. Standard utilities provides only basic functionality, third-party tools solve some, but not all, problems. To take backups reliably, fast, and incrementally on page level, one needs not only a backup tool, but also some support from the database server. On this tutorial we will talk about our new backup and recovery manager ProBackup, and will show it in action.

    Demonstration script:

  • Ivan Panchenko
    Ivan Panchenko Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    Two Years of Professional Postgres

    A summary of what the Postgres Professional company has achieved in its two-year history:

    • Our achievements in PostgreSQL development.
    • What is the Russian Postgres Pro DBMS, and how is it related to PostgreSQL?
    • What is Postgres Pro Enterprise, and why Enterprise?
    • What about trainings and certification?


  • Dmitry Melnik
    Dmitry Melnik ИСП РАН
    22 мин

    Dynamic Compilation of SQL Queries in PostgreSQL Using LLVM JIT

    Currently, to execute SQL queries PostgreSQL uses interpreter, which implements Volcano-style iteration model. At the same time it’s possible to get significant speedup by dynamically JIT-compiling query “on-the-fly”. In this case it’s possible to generate code that is specialized for given SQL query, and perform compiler optimizations using the information about table structure and data types that is already known at run time. This approach is especially important for complex queries, which performance is CPU-bound.

  • Dmitry Ivanov
    Dmitry Ivanov Postgres Professional
    Ildar Musin
    Ildar Musin Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    Partitioning with pg_pathman

    Partitioning is a long-awaited feature in PostgreSQL. Although Postgres supports partitioning via inheritance, this approach has some disadvantages, such as the need to manually create partitions and support triggers, significant planning overhead, and no query execution optimizations. In this talk, we’ll tell you about the pg_pathman extension we are developing. pg_pathman supports HASH and RANGE partitioning, performs planning and execution optimizations, supports fast insert by using Custom Node instead of triggers, provides functions for partition management (add, split, merge, etc.), supports FDW, non-blocking data migration, and more. We'll also speak about pg_pathman integration with Postgres Pro Enterprise Edition and Oracle-like syntax support for partitioning. Finally, we'll discuss new partitioning capabilities in PostgreSQL 10, the already implemented features and further development plans.