Roland Sonnenschein
Roland Sonnenschein Hesotech GmbH
: December
45 мин

Optimized use of PostgreSQL in real world production

Often it is enforced by the customer or even by law, to document the circumstances of the production of parts or lots. This talk is about the automated generation and storage of the corresponding administrative data and their correlation to measurements. Administrative data are entities like suppliers batch, article, serial number or production date. They are often to be exchanged with ERP systems.


Другие доклады

  • Anton Doroshkevich
    Anton Doroshkevich ИнфоСофт
    45 мин

    PostgreSQL – a real alternative for high-load 1C-based systems

    1. Why is it time to consider switching to PostgreSQL?
    2. 1С and PostgreSQL interoperability.
    3. Why should we start with Windows?
    4. The first experience of migrating big enough 1С databases to Postgres.
    5. Large-scale projects on high-load systems, in figures.

  • Philip Delgyado
    Philip Delgyado ООО «Лектон»
    22 мин

    Complex structures without ORM

    I love complex knowledge domains, strong typing in applications, and 3NF, but I hate ORM. That is why I’ve been actively storing serialized structures in JSON fields (even before the JSON type was introduced). In this talk, I will tell you about some specifics of storing complex structures within DBMS fields, what problems can arise, and how to cushion the blow.


  • Masahiko Sawada
    Masahiko Sawada NTT OSS Center
    45 мин

    Buit-in Sharding update and future

    Database sharding enables a distribution of the database over a large number of machines, greatly improving performance. With the advent of Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW), it's possible to consider a database sharding in PostgreSQL with acceptable level of code changes using FDW. We've been working on enhancing around FDW infrastructure such as foreign table inheritance and pushing down so that PostgreSQL can execute the distributed query efficiently using FDW. In this talk, I'll cover what FDW-based sharding is and what use-cases it can cover. And then I'll demonstrate how to build sharding and describe our achievement of a FDW-based sharding in PostgreSQL community. Finally, I'll describe further enhancements to FDW such as Async Execution and Distributed Transaction Support.

  • Ivan Frolkov
    Ivan Frolkov Postgres Professional
    45 мин

    Relocatable tables in PostgresPro

    With big data threads, even the upload of data to a database can often be problematic – apart from the data upload itself, you need to create indexes, perform VACUUM after the upload for correct Index-only scans, etc. From this talk, you will learn how to avoid most of such problems (if not all of them).