Dmitry Melnik
Dmitry Melnik ИСП РАН
14:00 17 March
22 мин

Dynamic Compilation of SQL Queries in PostgreSQL Using LLVM JIT

Currently, to execute SQL queries PostgreSQL uses interpreter, which implements Volcano-style iteration model. At the same time it’s possible to get significant speedup by dynamically JIT-compiling query “on-the-fly”. In this case it’s possible to generate code that is specialized for given SQL query, and perform compiler optimizations using the information about table structure and data types that is already known at run time. This approach is especially important for complex queries, which performance is CPU-bound.


Другие доклады

  • Alexey Mergasov
    Alexey Mergasov НОКСА Дата Лаб
    22 мин

    10+ PB efficient storage and processing via PostgreSQL. Novel paradigm of lean data infrastructure for Data-Driven Enterprise

    Alexey will present technical details and share hands-on experience of extreme data normalization application for data infrastructure with exceptional parameters design and development. Extreme normalization-based data infrastructures has the following competitive advantages in comparison with market leaders: - Real-time data processing for 10 PB of data and more - 2-6 times better overall performance - 100% data consistency through total data landscape - Almost linear scalability - 4-10 lower cost of ownership - etc The abovementioned approach has been successfully utilized out of Russian market in telecommunication, retail, fin-tech, manufacturing (Industry 4.0, industrial IoT), and government institutions.


  • Anton Doroshkevich
    Anton Doroshkevich ИнфоСофт
    45 мин

    PostgreSQL – a real alternative for high-load 1C-based systems

    1. Why is it time to consider switching to PostgreSQL?
    2. 1С and PostgreSQL interoperability.
    3. Why should we start with Windows?
    4. The first experience of migrating big enough 1С databases to Postgres.
    5. Large-scale projects on high-load systems, in figures.

  • Roland Sonnenschein
    Roland Sonnenschein Hesotech GmbH
    45 мин

    Optimized use of PostgreSQL in real world production

    Often it is enforced by the customer or even by law, to document the circumstances of the production of parts or lots. This talk is about the automated generation and storage of the corresponding administrative data and their correlation to measurements. Administrative data are entities like suppliers batch, article, serial number or production date. They are often to be exchanged with ERP systems.

  • Sergey Mirvoda
    Sergey Mirvoda ООО Октоника, УрФУ
    22 мин

    Data analysis for all. Developing BI system, working on limited and even shared hardware

    Experience we've got after 5 years of developing, deploying and improving BI system http://colibri365.ru used in government. I would talk about government IT reality and our way over it. Postgres performance improvements, using of latest features, overwriting of user generated queries to help query optimizer and other tweaks and hacks to tackle limited hardware problems. These lead us to number of computer science papers and (now committed) patches to Postgres (see Andrey Borodin talks for details).