Arthur Zakirov
Arthur Zakirov Postgres Professional
Teodor Sigaev
Teodor Sigaev Postgres Professional
17:00 15 March
90 мин

Full text search capabilities in PostgreSQL

Full text search in PostgreSQL is probably the most advanced one among relational DBMS. This tutorial will explain how to setup full text search configurations and dictionaries and how to build a ful text search system using an example of a simple popular science web site, with demonstration of various ranking functions. Also I will tell about new RUM index, which allows to accelerate execution of some kinds of full text queries and implements a new improved ranking function.



Другие доклады

  • Vladimir  Borodin
    Vladimir Borodin Яндекс
    45 мин

    Connection pooling at any scale

    It's not a secret that PostgreSQL connections are expensive so you should save them. To solve this problem there are PgPool-II and PgBouncer for quite a long time. At Yandex tens of thousands of connections to a single database is not a surprise so we use pgbouncer since time immemorial. This talk gives an overview of problems we faced and ways to solve them.


  • Andrey Fefelov
    Andrey Fefelov Mastery.pro
    45 мин

    Postgres as BI platform core, features, practical experience

    I will tell you about why Postgres is first-choice product as a foundation for your BI system with classical OLAP workload. Briefly it will be said about existing open source BI solutions.

    I will also describe specific of our architecture, why we chose snowflake scheme and how we are doing extract, transformation and load procedures. It will be mentioned about special Postgres tuning for OLAP and massive data bulkload workloads. Also I will let you know about Postgres usage as a column database with cstore_fdw by Citus and results achieved. Cons and problems of our approach will be described in the end of the talk.


  • Egor Rogov
    Egor Rogov Postgres Professional
    90 мин

    ProBackup: fast, reliable, and incremental

    Modern state of backup tools for PostgreSQL certainly leaves some room for improvements. Standard utilities provides only basic functionality, third-party tools solve some, but not all, problems. To take backups reliably, fast, and incrementally on page level, one needs not only a backup tool, but also some support from the database server. On this tutorial we will talk about our new backup and recovery manager ProBackup, and will show it in action.

    Demonstration script:

  • Yury Zhukovets
    Yury Zhukovets ЗАО Дилжитал-Дизайн
    45 мин

    Migrating DocsVision EDMS from MS SQL to Postgres

    This talk is about migrating an electronic document management system from MS SQL to PostgreSQL 9.5 or higher as part of the import phaseout initiative. We will touch upon architecture specifics, as well as describe the problems we encountered when migrating T-SQL code to pgsql, and how we resolved them.

    Learn more at https://pgconf.ru/news/94168