Dmitry Belyavskiy
Dmitry Belyavskiy ТЦИ
17:15 07 February
22 мин

Crypto-related parameters of PostgreSQL

The presentation describes crypto-related parameters of PostgreSQL configuration (both authentication and TLS-protection of the connection to DB) and what do they mean

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  • Andrey Hitrin
    Andrey Hitrin RedSys
    Alexander Fedorov
    Alexander Fedorov dbeaver.com
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    Open Source IDE for Postgres

    DBeaver is the Universal Databases Manager. We creating DBeaver using Open Source Software model. We pay special attention to the PotgreSQL because of its capabilities, popularity and OSS nature. We will talk about DBeaver evolution and structure, will demonstrate the basic functionality. We are going to cover challenges of PostgreSQL client creation. Also we will discuss requirements management model and interaction with the PostgreSQL community. We will show in details how to debug the PL/pgSQL stored procedures interactively. We are going to introduce some new features of the nearest DBeaver release and to share our plans.

  • Дмитрий Шитов
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    How I Met Your Linux

    What is a real cost of not paying for Windows for 1C-user? Is there life without COM? Addressing and other issues for the bunch of PostgreSQL. Scheduling disk resources. How to overcome OS CentOS crash.

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    DataGrip: PostgreSQL IDE from JetBrains

    For over 15 years JetBrains have strived to make effective developer tools. IntelliJ IDEA for java is the most popular of them. IntelliJ supports databases as well, and finally we in JetBrains decided to bring this functionality and our experience in programming languages to the world of SQL. That’s how DataGrip appeared. In my talk I will tell how DataGrip helps developers by automating routine checks and corrections and speeds up developer’s production. I will also show how to extend IDE’s functionality and try to understand which actual problems we can solve in future.

  • Michael Balayan
    Michael Balayan Acronis
    45 мин

    MVCC in pictures and when long transactions create problems

    Many of us know that it is MVCC that provides concurrency access to data in many relational databases that guarantee transactions consistency and isolation. But only deep understanding of the implementation of this mechanism in PostgreSQL allows us to better understand the processes in the database, to design the application logic and table structures to be the most effective in a high-load world. We'll take one of the processes in our product to understand how MVCC is implemented in PostgreSQL and we'll explain one of the peculiarity when seemingly unrelated activities can affect each other.