Dmitry Belyavskiy
Dmitry Belyavskiy ТЦИ
Teodor Sigaev
Teodor Sigaev Postgres Professional
15:00 05 February
22 мин

LTREE: extending the syntax

At the end of 2018, I've got a request to extend the syntax of the ltree contrib. I'm finalizing the patch and going to speak about:

  • the current state of the extension,
  • the extended syntax, and
  • the process of development and testing the extension.



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  • Jignesh Shah
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    Deep Dive into the RDS PostgreSQL Universe

    In this session we will deep dive into the exciting features of Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, including new versions of PostgreSQL releases, new extensions, larger instances. We will also show benchmarks of new RDS instance types, and their value proposition. We will also look at how high availability and read scaling works on RDS PostgreSQL. We will also explore lessons we have learned managing a large fleet of PostgreSQL instances, including important tunables and possible gotchas around pg_upgrade.

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    Enterprise-level approach to PostgreSQL tuning: database experiments

    Shared_buffers = 25% – is it too much or not enough? Or it's the right value?

    How can we ensure that this – pretty much outdated – recommendation suit well our needs?

    It is time to start apply enterprise-level approach to tuning postgresql.conf. Not using various blind auto-tuners or advices from old articles and blog posts, but based on the following two aspects:

    1. comprehensive database experiments, conducted in automated fashion, repeated multiple times in conditions as close to production as possible, and
    2. deep understanding of DBMS and OS internals.

    Using Nancy CLI (https://gitlab.com/postgres.ai/nancy) we will consider a concrete example: infamous shared_buffers, under various circumstances, in various projects. We will try to figure out, how to optimize this settings for given infrastructure, database, and workload.

  • Dmitry Yuhtimovsky
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    Magic tricks followed by exposure (1C+PG)

    Magic tricks followed by exposure (1C+PG):

    • Focus number one. How to convince the accounting department to buy a new server.
    • Focus number two. How to show that MS SQL is faster than PostgreSQL.
    • Focus number three. How to show that PostgreSQL is faster than MS SQL Server.

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    Differences between Oracle DB and PostgreSQL in terms of administrating

    As an experienced Oracle DBA, I've discovered some distinctive features of PostgreSQL which I'd like to share with you. We'll review a set of essential tools for DBAs, their capabilities and usefulness in comparison to their Oracle counterparts. Also I'm going to summarize the core differences between Oracle DB and PostgreSQL in terms of administrating.