Pavel Trukhanov
Pavel Trukhanov okmeter.io
16:00 05 February
22 мин

Postgres monitoring with USE and RED

Brendan Gregg’s USE (Utilization, Saturation, Errors) method for monitoring is quite known. There’s also Tom Wilkie’s RED (Rate, Errors, Durations) method, which is suggested to be better suited to monitor services than USE. I want to talk about how we employ these methodologies when we develop our Postgres monitoring in okmeter.io.



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    Live Universal Interface (LUI) - team development tool WEB interface applications for Postgres

    Our company has developed a software product Live Universal Interface (LUI) is a tool to quickly create and modify standardized on-screen forms to WEB browsers without compiling code, know just enough SQL. LUI is aimed at B2B, B2G, G2C and B2C segments and intended for use in billing systems, financial management, accounting and control of production, where you must decide first and foremost functional tasks, rather than demonstrate unnecessary graphics elements.

    Collective elaboration is provided by storing all elements of program code in the total database, which can be located on the corporate server or in the "cloud" on a third-party site.

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    LTREE: extending the syntax

    At the end of 2018, I've got a request to extend the syntax of the ltree contrib. I'm finalizing the patch and going to speak about:

    • the current state of the extension,
    • the extended syntax, and
    • the process of development and testing the extension.

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    Manage and Protect your PostgreSQL data with Commvault

    Reliable backup and recovery, at enterprise level for the PostgreSQL environment. No more traditional backups. CBT (Change Block Tracking) technology is the next generation incremental backup. Faster than snapshots, CBT back up blocks that change, not all of your data, reducing server and network traffic and eliminating the need for traditional backups. Benefits: • Data protection mode close to Real-Time • Update with ease

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    Teodor Sigaev Postgres Professional
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    Forward to the past

    Sometimes there is a great desire to return the database to the past, for a day or two or more days. The reasons are diverse, but most often one is to see what has changed. Or to see if the application behaved incorrectly after the update. Or it was just a command from the boss. The classic way everyone knows is to keep full backups and sets of WAL-logs to be able to recover to an arbitrary moment. This method is a real headache for DBAs/administrators, and it will not work quickly. Sure, there are some ways to optimize this process, but downtime is inevitable. PostgresPro offers a new way — database snapshots and the ability to return to them.