Miroslav Šedivý
Miroslav Šedivý solute GmbH
14:30 04 February
90 мин

Python and PostgreSQL Using psycopg2

Python may not be the fastest programming language on the CPU, but its fast and easy development saves a lot of costs between the keyboard and the chair. In this workshop we'll explore the most popular library for the access to the PostgreSQL server named "psycopg2" and write a short application using some of its useful features.


Другие доклады

  • Anton Doroshkevich
    Anton Doroshkevich ИнфоСофт
    22 мин

    Russia's first BlockChain on 1C+PostgreSQL

    During the report, I would like to share the experience of implementing BlockChain in a real business task based on 1C+PostgreSQL. Where did this task come from? From whom do we protect data with the help of technology? How to get a chain integrity report of tens of millions of records in seconds?

  • Александр Смолин
    Александр Смолин Красноярский ИВЦ - СП ГВЦ - ОАО "РЖД"
    22 мин

    Configuring and profiling VMware virtual infrastructure for PostgreSQL intensive input/output

    Virtualization in companies has become an alternative to the conservative "one task-one server" approach, which allows efficient use of hardware resources, centralized management of server infrastructure, saving energy and cooling resources. The report explains how to configure the VMware environment for intensive input / output PostgreSQL and profiling tools virtual infrastructure to monitor performance and resolve identified problems.

  • Christopher Travers
    Christopher Travers DeliveryHero SE
    45 мин

    Data Recovery in PostgreSQL on a Damaged Filesystem

    This case study walks participants through a case where we decided to embark on a data recovery effort. This talk is applicable to all users, from novices to advanced PostgreSQL database administrators. Beginners will get an understanding of what data recovery is and is not, what expectations to have going into it, and how to work with contracted experts in order to ensure the best possible outcome, while more advanced users and experts will also get a fair bit out of the technical aspects of the case study.

    While the talk will emphasize non-technical operational aspects of data recovery, it will also include discussions of the internals of PostgreSQL we had to work with, as well as how we went about approaching difficulties so that we could retrieve the data we hoped to.

  • Konstantin Evteev
    Konstantin Evteev X5 FoodTech
    45 мин

    Standby in production

    My talk will be about different cases of usage and setup of the standby server; examples how to setup standby linked to your archive( to make an opportunity to recreate standby from archive after primary crashing and promoting your old standby); Avito experience of usage of standby server for read-only queries: problems and solutions; monitoring of standby.