Lev Dragunov
Lev Dragunov Juno
16:00 05 February
22 мин

PostgreSQL inside Docker

DBMS inside container is a nightmare for DBA. I will describe how we use containerized Postgres in Juno. What problems we faced with and how did we solve them.



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  • Jignesh Shah
    Jignesh Shah Amazon Web Services
    45 мин

    Tips and Tricks with Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

    Managed database services are gaining in popularity. In this session we look at how best to configure Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and also look at common user operations of using RDS for PostgreSQL. We will also look beyond common user operations and into some specific optimizations related to upgrade, logical replication, performance, and reducing downtime.

  • Andrey Borodin
    Andrey Borodin Яндекс
    45 мин

    Backups with WAL-G. What's new in 2019?

    This talk will contain 3 parts: 1. Express PITR setup to the Cloud 2. Latest advancements in WAL-G for backups 3. Why you may need or should avoid this new features, depending on your specifications and workload.

  • Teodor Sigaev
    Teodor Sigaev Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    Less known but worthwile PostgreSQL extensions

    Postgres is known for it extensibility, which made it the universal database, that means it can meet the requirements of practically any project. Many extensions are well-known and widely used, for example, PostGIS extension - de-facto standard of open source GIS, hstore - an extension for storing and manipulation of arbitrary key/value pairs. I will talk about less known but useful PostgreSQL extensions, which provides a new functionaliy and/or improve the performance of PostgreSQL.

    PostgreSQL was designed to be extensible, it provides an API to application developers to extend PostgreSQL functionality and/or improve the performance for specific data and workloads. It is important that there is no need of having expertise of core developers, and these new functionality could be added online without restarting of database server. Application developer can create various database objects, such as functions, data types, operators, indexes, and even new access methods.

    I will present my choice of two extensions out of hundreds:

    vops - greatly improves the performance of Postgres for OLAP queries using vector operations, pg_variables - provides session variables for storing scalars and relations, useful for generating reports on read-only replicas.

  • Anton Doroshkevich
    Anton Doroshkevich ИнфоСофт
    22 мин

    Russia's first BlockChain on 1C+PostgreSQL

    During the report, I would like to share the experience of implementing BlockChain in a real business task based on 1C+PostgreSQL. Where did this task come from? From whom do we protect data with the help of technology? How to get a chain integrity report of tens of millions of records in seconds?