Joshua Drake
Joshua Drake Command Prompt, Inc.
14:30 04 February
180 мин

Practical Postgres Replication

In this tutorial we will discuss Binary and Logical replication in a practitioner format. The topics that will be included are native Postgres replication technologies, configuring and managing them. We will also discuss performance and draw backs of various architectures (sync vs async etc...). At the end of this presentation the attendees will be able to configure a basic replication deployment with HOT Standby and well as have an understanding of other technologies such as Point in Time Recovery and cascading replication.

Другие доклады

  • Aleksander Sheludchenkov
    Aleksander Sheludchenkov ГК "Митра"
    22 мин

    Non-standard 1C cluster

    • Migration of the standard 1C cluster to MPI environment - "machine to machine migration of services".
    • PostgreSQL migration to GPU powered machine.

  • Denis Smirnov
    Denis Smirnov КГБУЗ КДЦ Вивея
    45 мин

    Greenplum: Internal Structure of MPP PostgreSQL for Analytics

    As we all know, PostgreSQL is a classic vertically scalable database for OLTP loads. In parallel with PostgreSQL for many years there is its alternative horizontal-scalable MPP version of PostgreSQL, that is called Greenplum, sharpened for big data and OLAP workload. In my pitch I will show the internal architecture of Greenplum (distributed transactions, data sharding, partitioning with hybrid storage in external systems, column storage engines with compression, and much more), a comparison with the internal structure of PostgreSQL and the application areas of each solution are shown.

  • Alexander Liubushkin
    Alexander Liubushkin ООО "ФОРС Телеком"
    Rustam Abdrakhimov
    Rustam Abdrakhimov ООО Форс-Телеком
    22 мин

    Live Universal Interface (LUI) - team development tool WEB interface applications for Postgres

    Our company has developed a software product Live Universal Interface (LUI) is a tool to quickly create and modify standardized on-screen forms to WEB browsers without compiling code, know just enough SQL. LUI is aimed at B2B, B2G, G2C and B2C segments and intended for use in billing systems, financial management, accounting and control of production, where you must decide first and foremost functional tasks, rather than demonstrate unnecessary graphics elements.

    Collective elaboration is provided by storing all elements of program code in the total database, which can be located on the corporate server or in the "cloud" on a third-party site.

  • Sergey Andreev
    Sergey Andreev ООО "Ортикон-Групп"
    22 мин

    What stops the transition on PostgreSQL and how to overcome it

    Several real cases from those who stopped the migration to PostgreSQL.