Anton Doroshkevich
Anton Doroshkevich ИнфоСофт
11:30 05 February
22 мин

Russia's first BlockChain on 1C+PostgreSQL

During the report, I would like to share the experience of implementing BlockChain in a real business task based on 1C+PostgreSQL. Where did this task come from? From whom do we protect data with the help of technology? How to get a chain integrity report of tens of millions of records in seconds?



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  • Piotr Jarmuż
    Piotr Jarmuż Allegro sp. z.o.o
    45 мин

    Hacking with Postgres 11 - pg_threads

    My presentation is about writing extensions in Postgres. I have written pg_threads that implements simplified POSIX thread API inside Postgres database. It adds a new powerful abstraction giving database developers new opportunities for writing parallel code thus taking advantage of multicore CPUs. There is an extra API for transactional and non-transactional IPC between threads. I also have an example application that takes advantage of this new API that scales linearly even across 2 nodes. The presentation is with live working demo using vagrant project with 2 VMs running Ubuntu and 2 Postgres 11 databases.

  • Vasiliy Puchkov
    Vasiliy Puchkov ООО
    45 мин

    Integrating PostgreSQL servers into corporate network

    Meeting corporate standarts for information security, business continuity and software unification: Kerberos Authentification (Windows and Linux) in Active Directory Environment. 1C Enterprise specifics. Using backup and recovery software (HP Data Protector). Integration with corporate monitoring system (Solarwinds Mointor).

  • Arthur Zakirov
    Arthur Zakirov Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    Using pg_variables as temporary tables

    PostgreSQL provides possibility to create temporary tables. Though a temporary table is accessible only to a single session and is removed at the end of the session, all information about it is stored in the system catalogs of PostgreSQL. This is related to several issues, which make it difficult or impossible to use temporary tables in some cases. There are attempts to solve this feature, including in our company. But they have not yet succeeded, mainly because of the PostgreSQL engine. In the talk I want to tell about simple and small pg_variables extension. It allows you to create table variables along with scalar ones. I will tell how it can replace temporary tables, what advantages and disadvantages it has.

  • Boris Yeshchenko
    Boris Yeshchenko Commvault
    22 мин

    Manage and Protect your PostgreSQL data with Commvault

    Reliable backup and recovery, at enterprise level for the PostgreSQL environment. No more traditional backups. CBT (Change Block Tracking) technology is the next generation incremental backup. Faster than snapshots, CBT back up blocks that change, not all of your data, reducing server and network traffic and eliminating the need for traditional backups. Benefits: • Data protection mode close to Real-Time • Update with ease