Алексей Лесовский
Алексей Лесовский PostgreSQL Consulting LLC
15:45 06 February
45 мин

Troubleshooting in Postgres with pgCenter

Sometimes problems arise during Postgres operation, and the faster they are identified and resolved, the happier users eventually will be. pgCenter is a set of CLI powerful utilities for troubleshooting in the "here and now" mode. In the talk I will show how to use pgCenter for efficient troubleshooting, the directions in which to search, and how to respond to certain problems, in particular how to:

  • check if Postgres is in the normal state;
  • identify promptly the faulty clients and stop them;
  • reveal too heavy queries;
  • and other tips and tricks of pgCenter.



Другие доклады

  • Joshua Drake
    Joshua Drake Command Prompt, Inc.
    180 мин

    Postgres Performance and Maintenance

    When you are optimizing Postgres it is usually maintenance that goes by the wayside. How do we fix autovacuum? Where did all of this bloat come from? Why am I getting IO spikes? How do I get RDS to behave?! Why are commits so slow on replication? The answer to all of these questions is understanding the relationship between proper Postgres maintenance and performance. Join us for a 3 hour jaunt through the wily world of making Postgres Go!

  • Aleksander Pavlov
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    How to break your DBMS with arised-from-nothing high loads?

    As any ordinary software developers, we just pursued a goal to develop a system robust for high loads, and even succeeded. The system architecture was fine, but the data volume was keeping increased and revealed the painful issues and errors that nobody had expected. We faced very strange queries seemed to be unbelievable. In my short talk I would like to share sad experience of arised-from-nothing high loads in DBMS and solving the challenge.

  • Álvaro Hernández
    Álvaro Hernández OnGres
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    Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Tutorial

    Stop paying for Larry’s boat!

    PostgreSQL is a fully-featured, enterprise-grade and open source database, named two years in a row database of the year! And it’s also the best candidate to migrate off of Oracle, supporting very advanced SQL, easy administration and pl/pgsql, a replacement for Oracle’s PL/SQL. Stop spending hundreds of thousands or millions of $ on database licenses and reinvest them in your team, infrastructure and software.

    Join this half-day tutorial to learn the best practices, tricks and tools to perform a successful Oracle to PostgreSQL migration. Learn from the team that performed 150M users Blackberry migration to PostgreSQL on GCP with near-zero downtime, and the key author behind orafce, a set of Oracle compatible functions on top of PostgreSQL.

  • Joshua Drake
    Joshua Drake Command Prompt, Inc.
    45 мин

    The Power of Logical Replication

    One of the most soft after features of Postgres v10 is logical replication. In this presentation we will cover what Logical Replication is, how it compares to Binary (Streaming Replication), how Logical Replication works, configuring Logical Replication, Logical Replication limitations, gotchas, security and management. We will also discuss potential deployed architectures with Logical and Binary Replication and some neat features of the underlying technology.

    At the end of this presentation an attendee with a reasonable understanding of how to manage Postgres will be able to configure Logical replication for use.