Олег Правдин
Олег Правдин Lingualeo
11:00 05 February
45 мин

Real case of smooth MySQL → PG migration of highloaded project (20+M users)

A brief story how MySQL → PG migration could increase company efficiency tenfold times:

  1. Program code has been reduced 50 times, with optimization of backend team (from 15 to 3 engineers)
  2. Software development of new features has become measuring in days, not in months
  3. Infrastructure costs per 1M users have been reduced 20 times
  4. Database structure and technical documentation were simplified significantly, from 100K high-dependent tables to just 20 simple tables
  5. New security level because of total forbidden on external SQL commands to the database
  6. Quick analytics aggregation on multiple parameters, without external analytics systems
  7. The last, but not the least: the main business was keeping alive during migration


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