Bruce Momjian
Bruce Momjian EnterpriseDB
11:00 04 February
45 мин

Unlocking the Postgres Lock Manager

Locking is critical for providing high concurrency for any database — you cannot fully utilize your hardware if locking is throttling its use. This talk explores all aspects of locking in Postgres by showing queries and their locks; covered lock types include row, table, shared, exclusive, and advisory lock types. The high concurrency provided by Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) is also covered.

Slides are at https://momjian.us/main/writings/pgsql/locking.pdf



Другие доклады

  • Игорь Косенков
    Игорь Косенков Postgres Professional
    90 мин

    Deploying a fault-tolerant PostgreSQL cluster on pacemaker

    Corosync & pacemaker is a well known solution for creating fault-tolerant clusters. Such clusters can contain 3 working nodes or 2 working nodes and one voting-only node. The cluster can be deployed on physical or virtual servers.

    This tutorial will demonstrate the process of installation and tuning of a PostgreSQL fault-tolerant cluster. You will learn that it is not so difficult as seems to be from the first glance.

  • Нина Белявская
    Нина Белявская Служба движения ГУП "Мосгортранс"
    22 мин

    Road public transport in Moscow analysis: from PostGIS to MobilityDB

    Moscow public transport vehicles when moving report their coordinates via GLONASS. Collected data is used for various analyses including timetable development, bottlenecks detection and planning the bus lanes. Until recently we used the PostGIS extension for this purpose but now we are switching to a new PG extension — MobilityDB — designed especially for geodata time series processing. I have compared the table size and the performance of our solution without and with MobilityDB and happy to present the results.

  • Jose Cores Finotto
    Jose Cores Finotto Gitlab Inc
    45 мин

    Managing PostgreSQL at Gitlab.com

    I would like to present the main projects for the evolution of our database, how we execute the administration, the problems and pitfalls we found, and how we solve them,the number and how are the database clusters from Gitlab.com , and what is our planning for the future, sharding, kubernetes... Our environment is in an exponential growth, with millions of users and thousands of requests per second, and we keep our platform stable and scaling. Join our session and discover our how we are doing it!

  • Виктор Еремченко
    Виктор Еремченко Miro
    45 мин

    Fault-tolerance cluster PostgreSQL + Patroni

    I will speak about our experience in solving the fault-tolerance problem for PostgreSQL, which options we reviewed and how we chose Patroni.

    I will cover solution testing, quick implementation to the production and issues we faced as well as the way we solved them.