Álvaro Hernández
Álvaro Hernández OnGres
: December
180 мин

Kubernetes crash course for Postgres DBAs

Kubernetes is the new way of deploying software, programmatically, on almost any infrastructure (be it cloud or on-prem). But is a complex beast. How to get started? How to dive deeper? What are the specific best-practices and special hints for Postgres DBAs dealing with Kubernetes? Join this half-day tutorial to learn, practically, among other topics:

  • How to quickly get started with Kubernetes
  • Manage storage
  • Manage services, networking and ingress/egress
  • How to make Postgres cloud-native in Kubernetes
  • Do a show-run of existing Postgres operators, including Zalando, CrunchyData and StackGres.

This tutorial is very practical. BYOL! (Bring Your Own Laptop). With Kubernetes installed! (check microk8s, minikube or k3s if you don’t have any installed.


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    Tracking poor queries

    Tracking poor queries is an infinity quest for developers, who works with databases. Often we think that it is guilty the slow and big queries. But what to do if we do not have that kind of queries between backend and database? Which kind of queries should we looking for? What tools should be used for that work? This talk will cover all these questions.

  • Александр Спирин
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    PostgreSQL Citus vs MongoDB sharded

    We would like to share our test results (including performance testing) of PostgreSQL/Citrus and MongoDB for our company's data. It has been a very exciting process with unexpected turns and a somewhat controversial outcome.

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    Deploying a fault-tolerant PostgreSQL cluster on pacemaker

    Corosync & pacemaker is a well known solution for creating fault-tolerant clusters. Such clusters can contain 3 working nodes or 2 working nodes and one voting-only node. The cluster can be deployed on physical or virtual servers.

    This tutorial will demonstrate the process of installation and tuning of a PostgreSQL fault-tolerant cluster. You will learn that it is not so difficult as seems to be from the first glance.

  • Владимир Алешин
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    Stored procedures as code

    We will discuss stored procedures and functions, as well as the code within the database in general. We'll take a look at stored procedures from different angles: as a DBA, a database developer, and a backend developer. We will try to understand the specifics of stored procedures that often go against the common coding guidelines, and discuss best practices for working with stored procedures.
    This is mainly a motivational talk for database and backend developers, not an advanced tech talk.