Нина Белявская
Нина Белявская Служба движения ГУП "Мосгортранс"
14:00 05 February
22 мин

Road public transport in Moscow analysis: from PostGIS to MobilityDB

Moscow public transport vehicles when moving report their coordinates via GLONASS. Collected data is used for various analyses including timetable development, bottlenecks detection and planning the bus lanes. Until recently we used the PostGIS extension for this purpose but now we are switching to a new PG extension — MobilityDB — designed especially for geodata time series processing. I have compared the table size and the performance of our solution without and with MobilityDB and happy to present the results.


Нина Белявская - Анализ движения транспорта - от PostGIS к MobylityDB.pptx


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