Daria Vilkova
Daria Vilkova Postgres Professional
Vadim Ipatov
Vadim Ipatov Zabbix SIA
15:45 05 February
45 мин

Plugin for PostgresSQL monitoring for new zabbix-agent

In Zabbix-server 4.4, a new Zabbix-agent has become available. It is written in Golang, has a plug-in structure, keeps a permanent connection and makes it possible to control metrics in runtime. We will make an overview of the Zabbix-agent 2 and talk about how to develop plugins for it, in particular, the PostgreSQL monitoring plugin developed by Postgres Professional in collaboration with Zabbix.



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    PostgreSQL Certification Program: questions and answers.

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    In this presentation, I will share the results of the first months of the program and answer the most frequently asked questions:

    Where can I get information about the certification program?
    PostgreSQL or Postgres Pro certification?
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    Managing PostgreSQL at Gitlab.com

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