Denis Sukhovei
Denis Sukhovei Аладдин Р.Д.
Alexey Sabanov
Alexey Sabanov АО "Аладдин Р.Д."
: December
45 мин

Database management systems: from software import substitution to technological sovereignty

The myths and misconceptions of software import substitution. The acute threat of non-working DBMS servers. The basic plans for import substitution and problems of the transition period. DBMS data protection and the image of an ideal protection system. Crypto BD is the cryptographic data protection system. How does it work?



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  • Vadim Yatsenko
    Vadim Yatsenko Tantor Lab
    45 мин

    Harmful advice on autovacuum you shouldn't ever follow

    PostgreSQL has a number of peculiarities that you need to take into account not only while maintaining your database but also when designing your database schema. Experienced PostgreSQL are well aware of vacuuming process. On the web one can find tons of materials covering its internals, configurations and monitoring. Many valuable talks about vacuum were given at numerous conferences. However, we still face the common wraparound problem when the maximum possible number of transactions (xid) is reached. It happens even on databases that are relatively small in size. In my presentation, I will share a customer case that looks interesting to me. A chain of mistakes made at different stages of the database's life cycle once caused a disaster. The database fully stopped for one week, we detected a wraparound and spotted corrupted blocks. Maintenance was problematical, and we spent sleepless nights in search of a solution. We managed to achieve a local win as we finally restored the database, but it's not the end of this story, which makes it even more interesting.

  • Alexey Fadeev
    Alexey Fadeev Sibedge
    22 мин

    Building plv8: from a binary archive to a compact Docker image

    The plv8 extension is very underestimated, though it can help simplify development for a variety of tasks. It's been a year since we started using this extension in our projects. The main reason for its low popularity is the complexity of building. Moreover, building plv8 requires a lot of traffic and disc space for temporary files. That's why we decided to build plv8 and provide ready-made binaries freely to anyone interested, not just as an offering for our customers. First, we made the binaries available on GitHub. Then we created a Docker image for Postgres with pre-installed plv8 based on Debian. It looked too heavy to us, and we decided to check Alpine, however, building it for Alpine appeared to be more complicated than we expected. I'll explain what difficulties we faced and how we managed to overcome them. I will also list the tasks that can be solved with plv8 and provide advice on how to make the development process more convenient. I will also share the links to our Docker images for the latest Postgres 13 and Postgres 14 releases, that are compact and can be used for any types of tasks.

  • A
    Alexander Bychkov ООО "Эльбрус-2000"
    Николай Глазков ООО "Эльбрус-2000"
    22 мин

    How the State Air Traffic Management Corporation of the Russian Federation migrated from Oracle to Postgres Pro

    This talk covers the Oracle-to-Postgres Pro migration project for the billing system of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State Air Traffic Management Corporation of the Russian Federation” employed to collect the air navigation charges for the use of airspace.

  • Rustam Abdrakhimov
    Rustam Abdrakhimov ООО Форс-Телеком
    Alexander Liubushkin
    Alexander Liubushkin ООО "ФОРС Телеком"
    45 мин

    Experience in using Live Universal Interface (LUI) and PostgreSQL in creating an analytical reporting system

    The talk covers the use of PostgreSQL, LUI and LUI4ORA2PG for building an analytical reporting system.

    The talk tackles the following topics:

    • migration from an Oracle environment;
    • application of JSON functions;
    • how the temporary tables helped us;
    • our own means for load testing and bottlenecks detection;
    • how to make beautiful GeoJSON format maps to display diagrams on them;
    • installation and testing of the system on an "Elbrus" computer;
    • what became an obstacle or was missing when using PostgreSQL.

    The history of growth of the Live Universal Interface (LUI) web application development tool and the LUI4ORA2PG migration tool can be found in our previous presentations at PGConf conferences:

    https://pgconf.ru/2019/118109 ;

    https://pgconf.ru/201911/264095 ;

    https://pgconf.ru/2020/262456 ;

    https://pgconf.ru/2021/288310 .