Ruslan Usmanov
Ruslan Usmanov
15:45 26 October
45 мин

A subsystem of Russia's "Electronic Budget" on fully domestic software

Creation of a completely import-substituted component of the state information system using the example of the PUR KS - the "Electronic Budget" subsystem, the key state integrated information system for managing public finances. The presentation presents the subsystem architecture, performance optimization history and monitoring description. The speaker will talk about the advantages and difficulties of using an import-substituted system for the public sector, as well as about the nuances that departments should take into account when implementing open source solutions and solutions from Russian developers.



Другие доклады

  • Andrei Salnikov
    Andrei Salnikov
    45 мин

    Using indexes for better application performance

    PostgreSQL could easily be named the master of indexes - there is no other database that could compete with Postgres for the variety of indexes. How developers can use this advantage effectively in their day to day work? How do you know which index to create? When the created index might slow our application’s performance? We will try to get our head around this topic with some use cases and live examples. This talk would be of interest for any developer who wants to expand their knowledge of indexes in Postgres and secure the best performance for their application.

  • Vladimir Slinko
    Vladimir Slinko
    22 мин

    An overview of new Intel hardware features

    This talk is a brief overview of Intel technologies: CPU development, including features for AI algorithms. The memory speed/volume pyramid > PMem space, encryption development, software tools to improve parallel computing performance. I will also share a couple of cases where PG and Intel were implemented.

  • Bruce Momjian
    Bruce Momjian
    45 мин

    Future Postgres Challenges

    Postgres has been a vibrant project for decades, and probably will be popular for decades to come. However, as with any complex endeavor, challenges are always lurking. This talk explores the many project, competitive, and technical challenges in the future that could derail its success. By exploring these challenges, we will be better able to avoid them.

  • Sergey Novikov
    Sergey Novikov
    90 мин

    Implementing partitioning without downtime

    The built-in partitioning mechanism in PostgreSQL has been developing for several years. However, there is no magic button that would transform an ordinary table into a partitioned one. I will explain how to implement partitioning in a production system, how to prepare your table and apps for partitioning, and what pitfalls can make a DBA's life harder. We will also take a deep dive into various techniques of transferring data between partitions, also considering their pros, cons and limitation.