Denis Volkov Яндекс
18:00 20 June
22 мин

Introducing SPQR: Stateless Postgres Query Router

SPQR is a lightweight OLTP sharding solution written in Go. In this talk, I'm going to discuss design decisions that led us through FDW-based sharding, CustomNode-based sharding, C-implemented lightweight query routing, and finally to SPQR design.


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  • Иван Чувашов
    Иван Чувашов ООО Calltouch
    22 мин

    How to restore corrupted PostgreSQL data on your hard disc?

    Every DBMS stores its data on a hard disc, so you may face a situation when your data on disc gets corrupted. This can happen due to a controller failure, logical or physical data corruption; there are also other reasons. If it is just the index file that gets corrupted, the index recreation command will enable you to restore data consistency in your DBMS. If a table file or a file of a system section gets corrupted, data restore is impossible. In this case, you need to invent workarounds. You can try to restore this data from backup files, copy it from the corrupted table, or find another way to solve this problem. In this talk, we'll tackle several cases of data corruption on disc and describe the options for restoring the data from the corrupted tables.

  • Alexey Arustamov
    Alexey Arustamov Loginom Company
    45 мин

    Fast ETL for PostgreSQL

    Implementation of ETL is one of the first tasks that any PostgreSQL user needs to solve. There is a misconception that low-code tools implementing ETL procedures reduce requirements for the user, but due to sacrificing performance and/or flexibility to this goal. The presentation will demonstrate that it is possible to design ETL procedures quickly and easily without losing productivity. We will explain how high speed is ensured, how PostgreSQL features are used and how the combination of PostgreSQL and low-code platforms allows you to get rid of one of the most frequent user pains.

  • Mikhail Tsvetkov
    Mikhail Tsvetkov эксперт
    45 мин

    Speeding up databases using non-traditional methods

    As opposed to in-memory DBMSs, traditional disc database management systems have an inherent physical limitation. It's their storage system which is by several orders of magnitude slower than CPU operation memory, even in the case of All-Flash NVM. It becomes especially critical for the development of business analytics apps and OLAP scenarios on disc DBMS. We will consider a number how-tos for improving the performance of traditional DBMSs, and then offer a new storage-centric approach to hardware-based speed-up for disc DBMSs.

  • Rustam Abdrakhimov
    Rustam Abdrakhimov ООО Форс-Телеком
    Alexander Liubushkin
    Alexander Liubushkin ООО "ФОРС Телеком"
    45 мин

    Experience in using Live Universal Interface (LUI) and PostgreSQL in creating an analytical reporting system

    The talk covers the use of PostgreSQL, LUI and LUI4ORA2PG for building an analytical reporting system.

    The talk tackles the following topics:

    • migration from an Oracle environment;
    • application of JSON functions;
    • how the temporary tables helped us;
    • our own means for load testing and bottlenecks detection;
    • how to make beautiful GeoJSON format maps to display diagrams on them;
    • installation and testing of the system on an "Elbrus" computer;
    • what became an obstacle or was missing when using PostgreSQL.

    The history of growth of the Live Universal Interface (LUI) web application development tool and the LUI4ORA2PG migration tool can be found in our previous presentations at PGConf conferences:

    https://pgconf.ru/2019/118109 ;

    https://pgconf.ru/201911/264095 ;

    https://pgconf.ru/2020/262456 ;

    https://pgconf.ru/2021/288310 .