Alexey Sabanov
Alexey Sabanov АО "Аладдин Р.Д."
Alexander Dodokhov АО "Аладдин Р.Д."
15:20 25 October
22 мин

Ensuring data security during migration and compliance with import substitution regulations

Multiple data leaks can occur during data migration. How to protect your sensitive data and stay compliant with the requirements of regulatory institutions? This is what you will learn from my presentation.



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    Peculiarities of ECM platform migration to PostgreSQL

    In this presentation, we'll reveal the process and peculiarities of our Oracle to PostgreSQL migration project. We have moved our ELDOKA corporate ECM platform to PostgreSQL, and during this talk we will explain how we ensured object-based and role-based access to data, which features were missing in the community-developed PostgreSQL, how we organized our work with spatial data and changed approach to storing our file content. We will also share our experience in time and resource savings, as well as data replication between our nodes. Performance test results will also be shared with the audience.

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    From Oracle to Postgres using Russian rails. Non-obvious nuances

    We'll discuss our approaches to picking technical solutions for the systems we design. We'll consider their advantages and limitations. We'll share the facts about the changes in our engineering culture when import substitution requirements came into effect. We migrated the system with a classical three-tier architecture from Oracle to Postgres Pro DBMS. In my presentation I'll pay attention to data migration tools and peculiarities of development Java/Kotlin apps and SQL interoperability between two DBMSs.