Alexey Borschev
Alexey Borschev Postgres Professional
15:25 20 June
22 мин

NULLs in Postgres

This presentation is about NULLs implementation in the Postgres database: - What is NULL? - How is it handled by various Postgres functions? - How are NULLs stored in the database? - Indexing of NULLs



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    Introducing SPQR: Stateless Postgres Query Router

    SPQR is a lightweight OLTP sharding solution written in Go. In this talk, I'm going to discuss design decisions that led us through FDW-based sharding, CustomNode-based sharding, C-implemented lightweight query routing, and finally to SPQR design.

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    Logical decoding and replication slots introduced in PostgreSQL 9.4 (released in 2014) created a solid foundation for implementing built-in core logical replication in version 10 (released in 2017). Unfortunately, there are a few limitations that make logical replication not very useful in real-world scenarios. Logical decoding currently isn’t supported on the standby server, and PostgreSQL allows creating logical replication slots only on the primary server. Or in other words, logical slots are lost on failover/switchover.

    Postgres hackers made many attempts to address the problem, and most of them resulted in not too much success. Although, there is one little function introduced in PostgreSQL 11 that made it possible to implement failover of logical replication slots externally.

    In my talk I will tell a story of how Patroni solves the problem of logical replication slots failover without using invasive third-party extensions, dig down into some of the Postgres internals in order to prove why this approach is safe, and finally, we will discuss limitations and potential downsides of this solution.

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