Vladimir Surdin
Vladimir Surdin МГУ
17:45 26 October
45 мин

Basic Astronomy for Database Engineers

We are surrounded by myths, so we are constantly under delusion in regard to politics, economy, history and... space. Let's tackle the most pressing issues related to astronomy and space research. Perhaps we will start to better understand the world around us, avoid exaggerated sensations and spot really interesting and attractive aspects of scientific research.


Сурдин Владимир - Мифы и заблуждения о Вселенной.pptx


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    Ruslan Usmanov Федеральное казначейство
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    A subsystem of Russia's "Electronic Budget" on fully domestic software

    Creation of a completely import-substituted component of the state information system using the example of the PUR KS - the "Electronic Budget" subsystem, the key state integrated information system for managing public finances. The presentation presents the subsystem architecture, performance optimization history and monitoring description. The speaker will talk about the advantages and difficulties of using an import-substituted system for the public sector, as well as about the nuances that departments should take into account when implementing open source solutions and solutions from Russian developers.

  • Petr Devyanin
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    How to ensure trust in system software using Astra Linux as an example

    The development of secure system software (like an operating system or a DBMS) and ensuring trust in it are complicated scientific and technical tasks. In our presentation, we will demonstrate how we resolved these tasks for the Astra Linux OS certified to comply with the highest security classes. We will discuss the key directions of our activities, from the formation of national standards to the development and verification of the formal access model, which is the basis for the attack surface protection mechanism on the OS's level. We will also share how we apply the methods and technologies of dynamic and static analysis of the program code and, finally, we will explain how we collect and analyze the data we get from analyzing the OS code. We will also discuss how to fix the code errors in the project with continuous integration.

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    Tatiana Krupenya
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    How to speed up data load up to 10,000 times?

    What can be more important in the data load process than speed? Data migration is one of the most requested features in DBeaver. So the performance issue was highly important for us, in regard to PostgreSQL, as well as Greenplum, Redshift and other Postgres-based databases. We are ready to share our tiny secrets about 10x, 100x, 1000x, and even 10,000x performance improvements for data imports without any magic.

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    Current status of the PostgreSQL protocol compression

    PostgreSQL protocol compression has been discussed in the community for a long time. Many different hypotheses have been expressed and tested, and the compression patch has received a large number of changes and improvements. I will review the various approaches tested during the implementation of protocol compression, and will highlight the current status.