PgConf.Russia 2016 talks

PostgreSQL in Korea


I'm working for Bitnine that provides the solution, called Agens SQL. I'm a member of Korean Community and want to lead the Korea Community.

The Korean PostgreSQL User Group has been relatively small and inactive for many years. However, recently things are changing in Korea. Companies are seeking to alternatives for their expensive proprietary RDBMS in order to cut their TCO. And the government institutes also participate in this trend. We, Bitnine, are leading these changes in Korea. We launched the first version of our PostgreSQL solution, Agens SQL in 2015. We are translating the PostgreSQL documentation into Korean and operating the PostgreSQL User Group. And we are trying to contribute the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. Also, the first Korean PostgreSQL Conference will be hold in 2016. We will lead the organization of this conference. In this talk, we will present the current status of the Korean PostgreSQL User Group and the PostgreSQL DBMS market in Korea. And we also present our activities in Korea and introduce our successful migration cases of the proprietary RDBMS into PostgreSQL.