PgConf.Russia 2017 talks

Postgres as BI platform core, features, practical experience

Andrey Fefelov, Chief technical officer

Started to work with database since 2006, began with Oracle, but later on fallen in love with Postgres. Was CTO at, Now is engaged in development of BI platform based on Postgres for largest pharmaceutical selling group in Ireland.

I will tell you about why Postgres is first-choice product as a foundation for your BI system with classical OLAP workload. Briefly it will be said about existing open source BI solutions.

I will also describe specific of our architecture, why we chose snowflake scheme and how we are doing extract, transformation and load procedures. It will be mentioned about special Postgres tuning for OLAP and massive data bulkload workloads. Also I will let you know about Postgres usage as a column database with cstore_fdw by Citus and results achieved. Cons and problems of our approach will be described in the end of the talk.