PgConf.Russia 2017 talks


Ivan Panchenko
Postgres Professional, Deputy Director General

Ivan Panchenko graduated from the Physical Department of Moscow State University. He got a PhD degree in Physics and Mathematics in 1997 year. Since 1996 year he has been working on development of sophisticated high performance systems for business. He has been practicing PostgreSQL since 1998 year. Ivan was a leader of content projects development in Rambler, director of IT Development in Stack Group, technical director of social network "Moy Mir". He is a developer of Rambler Media,, Higher School of Economics internet portals and other information systems for business.

This tutorial is about various applied JSON usage patterns and the related PostgreSQL functionality. We will discuss data storage in the JSON format, retrieving, changing, and searching such data, JSON features for simple SQL queries, as well as using JSON in stored procedures in different languages. You’ll get hands-on experience with some of the discussed problems on the provided virtual machines.